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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

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Self-Healing with Qigong Ongoing Class

  • Location to be announced (map)

This ongoing class is designed for anyone who wishes to have regular opportunities to learn and practice a variety of helpful qigong techniques.  Explore the foundations of Chinese medicine, Daoist philosophy, and Qigong energy systems.  In this series of classes you will receive training to direct qi (life energy) to improve health and vitality.  You will feel stronger physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This class includes a complete workout with standing meditations (zhan zhuang), self-massage (dao yin), coiling and stretching (chan si), tendon and sinew strengthening (yi jin jing), and one of the most efficient and effective qigong exercise sets the eight brocades (ba duan jin).  A basic handout is available in the link below:

Basics of Daoist and Classical Chinese Medicine

Time and Location to be announced

Private lessons available

Later Event: January 3
Taiji for Health Ongoing Class


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