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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

Fine Tune Your Recovery

I have been a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor in the State of Ohio since 1995.  Take your recovery process to a truly holistic, natural, and healthy place.  Click the link for an excerpt from my thesis "Fine Tuning Recovery"Excerpt_Wellness_and_Addiction



Learn how to build your own program of health and healing utilizing the principle elements of naturopathic healing identified here:

  • Sunlight
  • Fresh Air
  • Exercise
  • Adequate rest
  • Wholesome Nutrition
  • Clean Water
  • Emotional Balance


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