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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

Good Vibrations - Meditations, Massage, and Healing Sounds

Saturday, September 16th 2017    9:00am–4:00pm

One of the key principles of qigong exercises is translated as “three tunings” - body, breath, and mind (or heart). In this workshop we will explore fine tuning ourselves through using the six healing sound method (liu zi jue 六字訣)) to breathe life force into and toxic energy out of the major organ systems and energy paths of the body. We will combine the healing sound method with an introduction to zang fu 脏腑 vibrating palm/organ regulating massage techniques.   Additionally we will explore several unique meditation practices using these healing sounds/vibrations and visualizations of color and light.   

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 $75 / $70 for members of Franklin Park

The workshop is presented by Steven J. Rendina, (MTS, LICDC-CS, LMT, ADS) who practices tuina Chinese medical massage and teaches qigong for healing to numerous recovery groups and classes in the Columbus area. It is open to any level of experience with qigong.   Steven is a certified Master-level teacher through Ken Cohen's Qigong Research and Practice Center.


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