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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

Martial Arts and Sports Medicine

The use of plasters, poultices, and liniments as external applications for treating soft tissue injury and facilitating healing has long been used in China. Treatments for warming, cooling, reducing swelling, breaking through stagnation, and improving circulation of both blood and qi are available. My training comes from Zheng Gu Tuina workshops and the contents of the book by Tom Bisio (one of my instructors) featured here, "A Tooth From the Tiger's Mouth".

These therapeutic interventions originated from the need to quickly restore functionality to injured contestants on the field of battle and are geared toward practical results.

Included in these techniques is guasha - a type of cross-fiber friction to aid in healing of injured soft tissue.


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