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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

What is Qigong?

gong (pronounced chee gung) is often translated as ‘energy cultivation’ and involves the practice of various moving exercises, static postures, meditations, and breathing dynamics to increase the flow of vital energy within the individual.  Qigong has also been known historically by earlier names such as Nei Gong (internal cultivation), or Yang Sheng (nurturing life). 

The foundation for all of the qigong techniques that I teach are built on three tunings - tune the breath, tune the body, and tune the mind. These three tune-ups can be accomplished through learning dantian core breathing, postural realignment stances and movements, and centering mindful meditation.

Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem Qigong) "Rocking Horse - poke" demonstrated by Steven Rendina

Three Tunings

Qigong is practiced to harmonize the body-breath-mind – 3 tunings:

·         Breathing Method – slow, deep, smooth, even, fine, round, natural/relaxed

·         Postural Correction – fine points of standing, sinking weight, lifting bones, unlock joints

·         Mind Intent – calm, empty, quiet, alert, aware, open, present, humble, non-judgmental

Principles of Qigong Practice

Empty Stance and Standing Post – centering, grounding, uplifting

Fluid Dynamics of Weight Shifting – the ocean within, lava lamp, kelp forest

Walking Dynamics – the redwood tree and the water strider

Movement comes from the core – “the waist is the commander” – spinning ball of energy

Coiling Silk – screws are stronger than nails, spiraling

Seven directions of movement – up, down, forward, back, left, right, center

Healing is based on energy flow – the beaver dam and the river

Seven directions of movement – up, down, forward, back, left, right, center

Single-weighted vs. double-weighted – no movement without freedom

Three Plates/Planes – shoulders, hips, knees remain parallel

Three “C’s” – Circularity, Continuity, Complementarity

Qigong Exercise Sets for Energy Healing

Qigong sets can be learned in a group setting or individualized exercises can be utilized to address specific concerns.

Here you will find a brief synopsis of the qigong workshops and classes that I am currently offering.

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Self-Healing with Qigong

Explore the foundations of Chinese medicine, Taoist philosophy, and Qigong energy systems.  In this series of classes you will receive training to direct qi (life energy) to improve health and vitality.  You will feel stronger physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This workshop/class includes a complete morning workout with standing meditations (zhan zhuang), self-massage (dao yin), coiling and stretching (chan si), and one of the most efficient qigong exercise sets – Eight Brocades (ba duan jin).

Five Animals and Five Elements

Learn qigong from possibly the oldest shamanic healing system still in use today – the five animal frolics (wu qin xi) of Hua To.  In this workshop the five animals are combined with an understanding of the five phase process of change found in Chinese medicine.  The animal frolics are excellent exercises for restoring emotional excesses and imbalances.  I particularly like the five animals because they combine movement with positive emotional and psychological states through the power of each animal.  What great yet simple tools for personal development! 

The Clouds Should Know Me By Now

In this workshop we explore principles of mountain taoist meditations and poetry, the challenge of retreating from the world vs. engaging and changing it.  We will learn a complete set of coiling silk (chan si) qigong exercises to unwind fascia and unravel tension.  Apply the dynamic principles of continuity, circularity, and complementarity to your daily life. Coiling Silk emphasizes movement that unlocks joints, creates spirals and the circular flow of vital force or qi throughout the entire body.  Increase flexibility, agility, concentration, and freedom of movement without pain or strain.  Decrease stress, tension, and improve the relaxation response.

Taoist Snake and Tian Gan - Spinal Health

The snake is the ancient teacher of supple strength, healing, spiritual transformation, and the wisdom of nature. Snake qigong consists of gentle coiling movements, as it dissolves tension, deepens the breath, increases vitality, and sharpens awareness and intuition.  The tian gan or “heavenly stem” is essentially the central longitudinal axis or spinal stem that passes through the body.  The tian gan qigong exercises function as a powerful health preservation practice because they literally wring out the spine, freeing up restrictions and blockages. 

Qigong for Body Workers and Healers

The sinew and tendon strength training of tuina (Chinese medical massage) is combined with the powerful bone marrow cleansing healing meditations and qigong movements (xi sui jin) said to be created by Bodhidharma the founder of Chan or Zen Buddhism.  Learn to carry weight, manage physical effort, and maintain posture while simultaneously decreasing muscular and mental tension.  We will practice the internal healing techniques used in Chinese hospitals for cancer care and other serious illness.  Bone marrow cleansing brings a deep internal awareness and provides a method of clearing stagnant or toxic energy. 

Yang Builder Qigong – the Hawk and Other Hunters

Feeling weak, powerless, or intimidated?  Having trouble keeping focused? Mentally fogged? Facing difficulty making decisions?  Feeling damp, heavy or depressed? Perhaps you suffer from either excess yin (passive) or too little yang (active) energy. Learn from the ancient hunters (the first meditators) how to still the mind yet have the swiftest intensity and focus to be decisive and act when opportunity presents itself.  In this workshop we will be exploring the powerful taoist qigong of the hawk.  The hawk teaches us to have high goals, not to get caught in ruts or small-mindedness. It soars above, representing heaven – the big picture.  The hawk and other hunters such as the crane and tiger will be compared in this powerful yang energy building workshop.

Sound Therapy – Meditations and Healing Sounds

One of the key principles of qigong exercises is translated as “three tunings” - body, breath, and mind (or heart).  In this workshop we will explore fine tuning ourselves through using the six healing sound method (liu zi jue) to breathe life force into and toxic energy out of the major organ systems and energy paths of the body.  Additionally we will explore several unique meditation practices using these healing sounds/vibrations and visualizations of color and light.

Slow Walking – Balance and Mental Intent

In this workshop we will use the techniques from Mind-Intent qigong (yi quan) to develop purposeful awareness of our body movement and balance.  We will be exploring this great system of exercises – but it is more a way of being in the world – awareness of energy, direction, pressure, balance, health, power, and so much more.  Learn to walk as softly as a water strider, stand as tall as a redwood tree, and move as fluidly as a kelp forest.

Fine Tune Your Recovery

This workshop comes out of my original work and research utilizing a variety of qigong methods to help individuals who suffer from addictions to recover.  Learn to manage stress and anxiety, reduce or redirect triggers, and release both physical and emotional pain.  Initial surveys of 289 client sessions demonstrated an overall decrease in the perception of pain by 35% and a decrease in perceived stress and anxiety by 55%.  Add these excellent tools to your recovery process.


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