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Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LMT, LICDC-CS

Tuina and Other Medical Massage / Qigong and Taiji Healing Exercises

Three Tunings - Body - Breath - Mind

For those individuals who would like to fine tune their health and well-being through a balanced approach to healing utilizing tuina medical massage, qigong and taiji energy cultivation exercises, and other methods of holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. I also specialize in drug-free pain and stress management.

Self-Care and Service:

Qigong for Body Workers and Healers

Bring qi vital life energy into your very core.  The sinew and tendon strength training of tuina (Chinese medical massage) is combined with the powerful bone marrow cleansing - healing meditations and qigong movements (xi sui jin) said to be created by followers ofBodhidharma, the founder of Zen (Chan) Buddhism and the Shaolin temple. Bone marrow cleansing brings a deep internal awareness and provides a method of clearing stagnant or toxic energy.    

Tendon strengthening qigong (yi jin jing) will help you learn to carry weight, manage physical effort, and maintain posture while simultaneously decreasing muscular and mental tension.  After some fundamentals of qigong and Taoist medicine, we will learn a series of internal healing techniques used in Chinese hospitals to treat cancer and other serious illness.  We will also become acquainted with relevant massage and qigong techniques to direct vital energy for external healing.  

This workshop is presented by Steven J. Rendina, MTS, LICDC-CS, LMT who practices tuina Chinese medical massage and teaches qigong for healing classes in the Columbus area.  The techniques are brought together from various teachers and disciplines that will provide you with a very substantial experience of the benefits of qigong practice.

Friday and Saturday    October   23 and 24     10 am – 5 pm    Cost $180

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